Welcome to Spectrum Career Map!

This is your place to explore careers that match your Spectrum Career Assessment.

Here you can enter your assessment scores for Behaviors, Motivating Factors, or Career Interests. If you have taken 2 or all three of the assessments, you can use the combo page and enter the information to view your career matches based on multiple assessment data.

For the Motivating Factors and Career Interests pages, you can view matches for any of your top three motivators or interests, and you can view matches based on a combination of two, or all three of your top motivating factors or interests. On these cross-referenced sections, you will see a lot less jobs that match, especially when you look at all three. It is possible you might not see any jobs that match all three attributes. That is fine, just look at those that match on a combination of two of your top motivators or interests.

On the combination page, you can use your behaviors, as well as a combination of one, two or all three of your Motivating Factors and/or your Career Interests. Again, you may see few if any that match on all factors. Try various combinations as you explore careers.

Once you have identified careers that interest you, click on them to get detailed information about the requirements of the job. Also, don't forget to use the action plan that is included in your career report as a guide to help you answer more questions about yourself and what careers you are interested in exploring.